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Thread: Vaginal mass?

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    Vaginal mass?

    Vaginal sex has always been difficult and painful for me. The first several times I tried it (age 20/21) I couldn't get anything in- which must've been a psychological issue, because eventually I had no trouble with insertion (aside from pain that was bearable). Then starting ~23, the pain became so bad it was just impossible to have PIV sex.
    I'm 27 now. About six months ago I stumbled on some info about panty liners (which I'd been wearing every day for years) causing pain so I stopped wearing them. I recently tried to have PIV sex for the first time in a couple of years and the unbearable pain (which I think must've been a skin issue caused by the panty liners) was gone but the regular old pain (which seems like a muscular issue I guess?) remains and I still had to stop after a few minutes.
    All this to say- pain during intercourse is present but not new.

    The *new* symptom/ concern: tonight I felt the inside of my vagina with my finger, just as part of my ongoing effort to figure out what's going on. I can't remember the last time I did this or what it felt like then, but as of right now there is a large bulge on the top wall. More like- the *whole* vaginal wall on the front side feels like one big bulge or mass, if that makes sense. There's a very hard center and then it kind of slopes.

    I saw a gynecological nurse about eight months ago (no answers on the pain issue) and she took a look, but I don't know if it would have been there at that time, whatever it is.

    It's also entirely possible that this is just what the inside of a vagina feels like.

    My partner felt it, agreed it feels like a bulge/mass/something, and said he thinks it's worth asking my doctor about (but he also said he doesn't know what vaginas are supposed to feel like).

    Health anxiety or justifiable concern?
    People who have, and/or often touch, vaginas- thoughts?

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    Re: Vaginal mass?

    Hi, what you're feeling is likely to be the natural contours of the vaginal canal but you could have a check with your Dr and get a smear done at the same time if it's due.

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    Re: Vaginal mass?

    I *think* what you are feeling is the frobt of your pelvic bone. It feels like a large, hard lump that then dips into softer tissue. Does it hurt when you touch it with your fingers? Does it bleed? Does it feel rough or very uneven. ... If non of these it's even more likely just your natural anatomy. Xxx

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    Re: Vaginal mass?

    That sounds exactly what the inside of a normal vagina feels like. The front wall does kind of bulge forwards. There will also be a very hard part a bit of the way up where your pelvic bone is.

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