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    Something weird is happening with my stomach

    Hi everyone,

    Little anxious here as Iíve had weird stomach symptoms since Friday. So on Friday on the left mid part of my stomach it almost felt like something was poking me from the inside of my stomach. It wasnt all day but it did happen throughout the day.

    On Saturday that stopped and I felt fine. I ate normally and everything was good. Then Saturday night I could feel a little pain on that same area of my stomach but It honestly felt like a gas pocket. During the night my stomach felt weird, almost like a burning under my breast but havenít felt that today.

    Then Sunday I woke up and had lunch around 11:30. I had some spicy food and my stomach later did not agree at all. After an hour that I ate the food I threw up almost all of it. Feeling better but Iím worried I have an ulcer or something worse. Drinking tea now and I can hold that down. Donít think itís the stomach flu or anything. I donít even know exactly what an ulcer is! Iím 25 and never had one before.

    Still have the same slight pain every now and then in the same spot that felt weird on Friday. But at the same time canít tell if itís me being overly sensitive about it or not.

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    Re: Something weird is happening with my stomach

    Sounds like it could be heartburn especially as it happens with spicy food. Try some Gaviscon liquid is good for this.

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    Re: Something weird is happening with my stomach

    Hello WiseMonkey, thank you for the response! I took some Tums and havenít felt that sensation since the weekend.

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