Hey everyone Iím back! Iíve been doing really well for the last year but we have new symptoms brand new which at first wasnít bothering my but seeing as itís happening all of the time my HA was slowly creeping back in. Last night is when things got so bad I googled 😑 so Iíve been experiencing facial flushing since end of feb March this year itís becoming more apparent and seems to be happening a lot and lasting days. So I came over all hot in the face last night and I literally thought my face was going to explode it was that bad I tried to go to sleep and hope that it would disappear in the morning well Iíve just woken up and itís still here my burning from the inside out but not hot to touch? Google tells me carcinoid syndrome from a carcinoid tumour, I have asthma that is also starting to play up since around the same time all of this started! I know this is also a symptom. I have Crohnís disease so Iím always on the loo anyway so I canít put that as a symptom.
So yeah Iím scared Iím frightened Iím really not okay, I have literally no explanation to my hot flushes especially lasting this long makes me wonder what the hell is going on! Iím going to ring my doctors today but with covid-19 at the moment Iím not sure Iím going to get any help.

Iím really looking for reassurance I admit it. Iím here asking if people are in my shoes or been in my shoes.

Thanks for reading guys from a very scared 27 year old mother of 3 beautiful children 😓