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Thread: Mouth ulcer

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    Mouth ulcer

    Hi all hope you are doing well in these uncertain times.

    Iíve had a mouth ulcer for a week now on my lower lip area close to my canine tooth. It doesnít hurt as much but itís still there and white in colour. I donít get them often at all and I donít think Iíve had one last this long.

    Iíve been using Corsodyl mouthwash past few days and doing salt water rinses but doesnít seem to have helped.

    Iím thinking that I canít even go to my dentist as they are closed! Has anyone had mouth ulcers last this long?

    Oh and Iím 26, never smoked or drunk alcohol.
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    Re: Mouth ulcer

    Ulcers can last up to 2 weeks in my experience. The ones on the hard part of your gum are the worst. I suffer quite regularly with them. I'm sure it'll heal soon. Probably doesn't help that it's being knocked by your toothbrush if it's close to your tooth.

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    Re: Mouth ulcer

    Thanks yeah I think itís because I keep catching it on my tooth and food.

    Itís not hurting as much now but the white ulcer thing is still there. How long does it take to go?

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    Re: Mouth ulcer

    If it lasts 3 weeks ring your dentist. I have had one on the gum below my front teeth for about 5 weeks. Dentist asked to see photo and said nowt to worry about and ulcers in this area can take a while to heal.

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