If you've been given Quitipline (spelling?) surprised they've not tried promazine. That's an anti-psycotic and it works wonders for me. My doc has me take 2 doses at night and that helps get me to sleep. It took a while to get the right timings for my meds; everything was wonky for a bit.

I'm on promazine, paraxatine and valium. All 3 have me stable right now.

Not sure about tolerance. My tolerance has remained the same, except when I've purposely abused the Valium. Which is a benzo. There was a stage my anxiety was so messed up I was taking double the dose prescribed. That can build up a tolerance to the point where you need more to feel the effects but it soon decreased again. You'll feel a mess for a bit. Tbh though not sure I could live without them.

The body will build up some sort of dependency to any drug that helps you. And it can be hard to get back on track when they start messing with your medications. Been there so many times.

Personally, I trust my team now. I trust their judgement and follow what they advise. So far so good, but if they shook my tree I'm pretty sure I'd be all over the place.