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    Health anxiety rearing its ugly head again.

    Hi everyone, i havent posted on NMP for over 5 years now as i thought this phase of my life had passed and i hadnt suffered with it for a long long time but no here i am again suffering from health anxiety once more!

    Obviously with the lockdown all our emotions are heightened. Im off work furloughed and have far too much time to sit and think and for three weeks now i have had pain just under my shoulder blade which im now convinced is obviously lung cancer and im worried sick about it to the point its affecting my relationship and no doubt the kids too!

    I cant get a gp appointment because of the covid stuff and the longer it goes on the more worried i become.

    My partner isnt very supportive with stuff like this and i didnt know where else to go until i remembered about this place.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

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    Re: Health anxiety rearing its ugly head again.

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Health anxiety is hard enough without not being able to see your GP. I had something similar a while back and it was a strained muscle from poor posture and being on the computer too much at work. I'm the last person to being saying this as I always jump straight to the worst possible scenario for everything, but lung cancer seems like it would be at the bottom of a fairly long list of possible reasons why you have this pain. All the best and I hope it goes away soon.

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