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Thread: Chest pain

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    Chest pain

    I’ve started on 10mg citalopran today and am getting chest pain, quite scared it’s the medication.

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    Re: Chest pain

    Nope, that would be your anxiety about taking the medication giving you the pain.... that dose of Citalopram is a small dose.

    keep at it
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Chest pain

    Quote Originally Posted by pb View Post
    Iíve started on 10mg citalopran today and am getting chest pain, quite scared itís the medication.
    SSRIs may cause blood vessel dilation for a while when first taking them as serotonin is involved in regulating constriction and dilation and they are also mild anticoagulants. Either, or both could conceivably trigger chest pain, but the far more likely explanation is anxiety as venusbluejeans suggests, especially if health anxiety is a factor. Fwiw, SSRIs are often prescribed to heart attack/stroke survivors as many become anxious and/or depressed.

    ADs may trigger a range of uncomfortable side-effects at the beginning but they rarely cause physical harm.

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