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    Fecking mouth issues

    Hi guys! Itís been 6 years since Iíve been on this site! 6 good years since the worse time of my life! But now back! Iím blaming this whole lock down working from home and homing schooling two head strong children that has sent be back down this shit spiral of heath anxiety! So two months ago during a tough work call I felt a tiny lump in my mouth in my cheek! Being stressed and with my crazy head I started obsessing about it! 6/8 weeks of prodding it and poking at it It is still there! Then I started to feel pain in that area again only when I thought about it ( which is 99% of the day) itís a tiny moveable lump it doesnít hurt! Iíve felt all round my mouth and found loads of the buggers Which I prob wouldnít of noticed if I didnít spend my day poking around at my mouth! Iíve lost my appetite again due to the anxiety again something that hasnít hit me for 6 years! Luckly Iím slightly heavier Than I was back then and the weight loss isnít as noticeable 😂😂! Anyways just felt like I needed to let it all out and hope for some support!

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    Re: Fecking mouth issues

    I bet it’s probably a scar. Very common. I have some there myself.

    At least you know what triggered this anxiety flare up. What helped you keep it in remission for so long?
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    Re: Fecking mouth issues

    Yep I have what feel like lumps in my gob,but was told they are harmless

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    Re: Fecking mouth issues

    Thank you, honestly no idea won’t lie there has been small glitches in the last 6 years but nothing I’ve not managed to talk my self out of! Fingers crossed I can do the same this time :-)

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    Re: Fecking mouth issues

    Thank you :-)

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