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    Breast lump next to armpit!

    Hi everyone.

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and found a lump in the little fatty section you can get next to your armpit. Everything I see on Google seems to indicate it's definitely bad! I had a phone appointment with my GP and will be seeing her next Tuesday but I'm so worried! Has anyone else had something similar? It feels oval shaped but fairly solid.

    Thanks in advance x

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!


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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I also had a breast lump when pregnant which turned out to be benign, but it is such a horrible time to have to go through a health scare. Is it your first baby?
    jojo x

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yes he's my first and I've been nervous all the way through!! So upset I've found this lump and now I'm fixated on it :( I had a lump about 5 years ago which turned out to be a fibroadenoma. When Googling though it seems it being near the armpit is worse?? So pleased your lump was benign, I bet it was such a relief! Xx

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    I also have a fibroadenoma (ive had it for ages), and it does feel pretty hard. I wonder if pregnancy hormones can make them grow/appear more prominent? When is your appointment?

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    Its Tuesday next week. My GP wants to check it herself first and then refer me! So quite a lot of waiting 😞

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    For anyone who might be googling etc and finds this, I was referred to the breast clinic. They ascertained quickly that it was excess breast tissue due to pregnancy. She saw nothing but healthy tissue, glands and lymph nodes on the scan. The staff were all so nice and helped me feel relaxed. Best wishes to anyone out there worrying x

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    Re: Breast lump next to armpit!

    Iím really pleased for your results x

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