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Thread: Downloads from the Blurt Foundation

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    Downloads from the Blurt Foundation

    I was taking an evening off NMP but came across these so thought I would share.

    They are free downloads from the Blurt Foundation which is an amazing resource for those suffering from depression.

    These downloads look amazing and very useful.

    They are free but also if you want to you can give a voluntary donation towards the downloads.....

    The Blurt website says the following

    It’s important that these resources are as accessible as possible to as many as possible. They’re used in therapy sessions, within schools, in libraries, in NHS teams and within inpatient services. Thousands of people say that they’re incredibly helpful.

    If you’re in a place where you’re able to, we’d appreciate any contribution whatsoever for using this (and any other) resource to help support the work we do to helping those affected by depression, including our free-to-schools education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

    But to repeat, any donation is completely voluntary and you can get the downloads completely free if you would like.

    Here is the link........
    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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    Re: Downloads from the Blurt Foundation

    Thank You Emma

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