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Thread: Testicular Worries

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    Testicular and Abdominal Pains

    So, nearly 2 weeks ago I noticed that it was taking a couple seconds more than usual for me to start urinating, and that I seemed to be leaking a little more than usual after my "stream" was done. Sometimes, I had difficulty urinating at all. The symptoms went away after a few days, but then came back earlier this week (except I was always able to urinate).

    3 days ago, I noticed it started to ache a little in my left testicle. I then noticed that my left one was slightly bigger than my right one, and hung lower too. Took a shower before I went to bed, washed them, and then noticed before bed that my whole penis, including both testicles, was in some slight pain.

    Luckily, I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the next morning, so I told him about this and after checking, recommended a testicular ultrasound, which I completed yesterday. My testicles were pretty much sore all day (although not sore to touch), I put an ice pack down there to make them feel better and also took acetaminophen. It wasn't terrible pain, just persistent and annoying.

    Fast forward to yesterday. They looked the same, but felt fine even through my ultrasound. It wasn't until nighttime when I had the most pain I had so far, which made it difficult to sit down. I had some soreness in my balls the rest of the night, with 2 or 3 more occasions of like a 7.5/10 pain hitting accompanied by stomach cramping each time. The 2nd time it hit me I stopped walking until it went away after 5 seconds. I'm also suffering constipation right now, so no idea if that could be related to these cramps. I noticed no color or size change, and my testicles weren't sore to the touch, but my penis itself was. I spent the rest of the night laying down with my testicles elevated, and it seemed there was pressure there throughout, although not too painful. I noticed once that I hiccuped and felt it in my testicles via a slight burst of like 3/10 pain. By the time I went to bed I had almost no pain.
    Fast forward to this morning, no testicle pain yet but my right foot seemed to hurt when I was urinating. Also, throughout all of these days, I've had some inner thigh pain on both legs, along with upper thigh pain. I've also noticed one quick burst of lower back pain and chest pain.

    Apologies for the long post, but didn't want to leave anything out. Wondering what I should do from here, wait for my ultrasound results or seek care immediately? I have no idea what it could be right now. For reference, I'm 18.
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    Re: Testicular and Abdominal Pains

    My husband experiences testicular pain when he has gas or is backed up so itís very possible that itís related. I would personally wait until the ultra sound unless you find yourself really unwell/in a lot of pain.
    I would try to resolve the constipation though and see if that brings relief, itís the worst on itís own anyway!

    Also regarding one testicle being larger and hanging lower, much like breasts, Iíve never seen a fully matching pair. Our bodies arenít symmetrical, and oddly enough I have noticed itís usually the left testicle that hangs lower on most of the men Iíve encountered.

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    Re: Testicular Worries

    Thanks for the reply! Wanted to give an update. Pain has mostly subsided, though the left testicle still appears bigger than normal on occasion, and I've noticed loose skin at the bottom of my testicles a couple times (mainly the right one). Body aches have continued, namely in my left wrist and thigh yesterday.

    My doctor scheduled an in-person visit to discuss my lab results for a week from today. I had a testicular ultrasound and I had blood work done to test my vitamin D levels along with A1C, and a couple other things in the blood which I forgot. I'm hoping that the lack of urgency in scheduling an in-person appointment means there was only something minor abnormal, and hoping it won't be anything dire? Not sure if that's the case for why it was scheduled so late, but am hoping so.

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