Hi everyone,
I started driving a little later that my peers because I had my older siblings to drive me to events in high school and then I went to college in my home town. Even in grad school, I lived on campus and walked everywhere. I really only started seriously driving for my first job in 2012.

Iím fine with driving my regular routes and can somewhat improvise if Iím still in town, but I have such bad anxiety if I have to take some new route in a slightly unfamiliar place or if I have to drive to a new destination.

My husband is the complete opposite. He likes finding new routes and could just get in the car and drive anywhere. For me, I have to plan ahead and I have white knuckles by gripping the steering wheel so tightly.

I know to others, this must sound completely stupid and immature, but itís a real issue. Itís also an issue to try to help my husband understand.

We just found out that only one parent can accompany our younger child to his food allergy test in July, due to covid. We asked for an exception, but they are really strict. I know this is dumb, but I had hoped that my husband would drive us there and then wait in the car and then weíd all drive back. I know it would be boring for him, but he could read.

He has basically said that itís nonsense for him to take time off of work to just sit outside when I could do it all myself. I donít know how to make him understand why this is a problem for me.

The issues are:
1. My son mostly likely does not have severe allergic reactions like his sister, but we really donít know until we try at the doctor. He could have a serious reaction in the car on the way home.

2. Itís about a hour drive in an unfamiliar place on large highways.

I know some will say to get over and Iím being ridiculous, but itís a real issue for me. Even with this fear, I would drive across the country and back for my kids.

Does anyone have any tips to deal with the anxiety and to explain it to my husband? This isnít the first time itís come up.

Thank you