Hello. I am quite new to this forum. But this time I can not figure out the issue happening to me.
My first panic attack came when I was stressed which made me think that this could do harm to my unborn baby ( I am 9 weeks pregnant now).. Later, I was almost able to calm down and no longer frightend by this. But since then, I started to be scared of my fear itself. I can not control it. Whenever my feeling came back to normal, it was only my thought of fear itself that pulled me back to the anxiety and panic. In fact I don't have any specific anxiety which can trigger my panic or further anxiety. I am only scared of my fear feeling itself. It is so frightening:((. What can I do now to stop it? I am exhausted and overwhelmed. Is there anyone having the same issue? Now that feeling is attached to me. I am living in fear almost all the time.