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    Lump in vagina / on cervix

    Help! I have found a tiny hard lump very high up inside my vagina. I can't tell if it's on my cervix or vaginal wall, as it's where the two meet.
    I have had Nabothian cysts before and I am hoping it's just another one of those, but I don't know if you can get them this high??

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    Re: Lump in vagina / on cervix

    While I'm not sure how high you can get them, I do know cysts are the most common cause.
    I just went through a similar situation (different location)

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    Re: Lump in vagina / on cervix


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    Re: Lump in vagina / on cervix

    I have a bump on the opening of my cervix and I'm worried about it. Feels like a pimple but it's kinda rough feeling.

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