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Thread: GP found a lump

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    GP found a lump

    Hi everyone, I posted a week or so ago about weird feelings in my boob and finding it hard to check after a family friend passed away. Well I went to the GP and she found a lump and has referred me urgently. I was expecting to just go in and all be OK. I'm (obviously) feeling quite anxious about this and don't want to spiral. Please recommend all the things i can do to try and get through this....

    Obviously I'll stay away from Google.

    Thank you


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    Re: GP found a lump

    I'm sorry to hear this, however it isn't forced to be what you think. There are plenty of other possibilities and your GP has to fast track you if you match certain criteria. This doesn't mean something is definitely wrong but I do understand your anxiety.

    I cant imagine what you are going through but wanted to pass on my best wishes and support if I can.

    I'm sure there are people on this board who have been in your position or similar and hopefully can offer some good advice.

    In the absence of better advice try distraction or focusing on positive outcomes. You cant do anything until a diagnosis is confirmed so you may as well enjoy yourself until you know for sure there is anything to worry about.

    Even if it is something sinister, there are plenty of success stories from people who have posted on this board.

    Sorry I cant offer anything better but didnt want you to receive no responses due to people not knowing how to respond.

    Take care and I wish you all the best

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    Re: GP found a lump

    I was fast tracked recently for several lumps in my neck.

    I was seen within two weeks, and when they performed a scan one of the lumps looked suspicious. However, it turned out to be not-cancer.

    Just because you're given a two week wait referral does not mean you have cancer. In fact, MOST of the time it isn't cancer. It's simply that (unfortunately) GPs can't diagnose a lump in their consulting room and so anything that could potentially be cancer needs to be urgently referred - better safe than sorry.

    Of course you're going to feel anxious, we all would, and we can't know what kind of diagnosis you'll get yet. What we can know, however, is that your referral does not mean you have cancer and in fact statistically you're more likely NOT to have cancer.

    I hope the wait goes ok for you - I'm absolutely terrible at staying relaxed while waiting so not the best to give tips! Do you have some hobbies you can get stuck into, or maybe a new TV series, and some friends/family you can chat to?

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    Re: GP found a lump

    Hey! Believe it or not the SAME thing happened to me. I had been having pain in my right breast but couldn’t feel an actual lump. Sure enough my doc found ( in her words) a “lumpy bumpy” thing. I was also expecting to be told that it was nothing. This can be incredibly frightening given the amount of awareness women have about breast cancer. My doc referred me for an ultrasound. I was given an appointment a week away. I ended up calling a bunch of places to give me an appointment that very evening. I live in Canada so I am assuming it’s easier to do that here. Lo and behold it was just extra tissue, there was nothing to worry about.

    I hope that it is the same for you

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    Re: GP found a lump

    Yep I've had this too, went to the Dr for the yearly manual breast check before having a mammogram and she says there's a lumpy area here! I told her that's been there for 15 years (hasn't changed) and never picked up on a mammogram before. She says get it checked immediately, which I did, the 3D mammogram showed up nothing (it's just extra glandular tissue) ... crisis averted (for my Dr)!!
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    Re: GP found a lump

    I've had this too and it was just glandular tissue which was diagnosed by ultrasound. No mammogram required.

    I hope you get your appointment through soon-I'm sure you will do but this is a good thing and breast care clinics here are really thorough and you will leave with a diagnosis.

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    Re: GP found a lump

    Thank you everyone, so good to hear positive stories of it turning out to be ok - so good to hear. I know reassurance seeking isn't great for HA but I'll take what I can right now! Apparently the breast consultant will be calling me today... Wavering between "everything will be ok" to "I'm doomed"... Urgh.

    Edited to say they've now called and I will be in the breast clinic next Friday. Only a week away but feels like an age 😭
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    Re: GP found a lump

    Hi Jess. I had a lump a while ago, the doctor told me that although she was sure it was nothing, all lumps should be urgently referred. She was right, turned out to be a cyst - it’s still there 10 years later!

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    Re: GP found a lump

    Just wanted to add my story to this aswell. I found a few breast lumps over the years and when I went to the doctor she referred me. And each referral was an urgent referral.
    Breast lump referrals are usually urgent referrals. And this can sound scary to us HA sufferers, but the majority of these lumps turn out to be nothing.

    A week isn't too long to wait (although I know it may not seem like that at the moment). Hang in there and try to challenge those negative thoughts when they pop into your head.

    Best of luck with it xx

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    Re: GP found a lump


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