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Thread: Please Help! Can't stop obsessing!

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    Please Help! Can't stop obsessing!

    I am a college student receiving services at a University- serving center and I saw on my record that he put Personality Disorder Unspecified (PDNOS) along with my other diagnosis and I totally freaked. And that's when he told me that it was something he was mulling over as a 'rule-out' and we both agreed that it was all related to OCD and not a PD. But when I saw that he might have sent that to the insurance company or put it on a record somewhere, I got scared cause I don't want that on my record, especially because we both agreed that it was inaccurate and not the right diagnosis. I can't stop googling about all the nightmare cases when people get inaccurate diagnosis and it follows them for life and stuff like that. I keep coming up with scenarios in the future where I am asked to present the record and it says "Personality Disorder" on it and the stigma will impact whatever is going on.

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    Re: Please Help! Can't stop obsessing!

    he might not have sent it, particularly as it sounds like he is not sure whether you have a personality disorder or not
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