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    I need some opinions and help!

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an ongoing issue. I've been waking up tired (not refreshed at all). I drink a dunkin donuts coffee every morning (I go out and get it). I am a new teacher and just completed my first year of teaching. I am now entering my second year of teaching at a new school this year. I am SO tired. I have no energy (mental or physical). I have been thinking about going back to school. I know I will get COVID, and I keep worrying that I will be hospitalized. I'm 40 and have a 9 year old, and am married. My husband works in a high school, so we all will be exposed to germs. How can I think rationally? This pandemic has hit me hard! I was completely fine before this. I had overcome my anxiety by switching jobs, going on the right meds, and by immersing myself with graduate courses.

    Side note: I have been eating weed edibles every day to cope with anxiety. It's legal in the state that I live in. Could this be causing exhaustion?

    Thanks for listen to me ramble. I hope everyone is well!

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    Re: I need some opinions and help!

    Hi Sara,

    this pandemic is awful and giving us all a lot of concern. What are your strategies in dealing with anxiety? I do not know what side effects edible weeds can bring on, but maybe you can try leaving it away?

    Personally I can vouch that constant anxiety tires me immensely. This is a whole different feeling of tired. Therefore I have some routines and strategies to help me. Tell us about yours.

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    Re: I need some opinions and help!

    Welcome to being a teacher. My wife is a teacher and assuming the kids in the states are similar to the uk it is stress. I assume you also have to plan/mark lessons after work also. Try exercising and even meditation. Might also be worth not looking at a computer screen just before bed

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