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    Really worried about stomach symptoms

    Ok I have a long history of health anxiety. I have diagnosed myself with tons of awful diseases. Recently for the last 2.5 weeks my poop has changed to very soft. I'm vegetarian so I'm sure I'm eating fibre. I'm about a 5 on the poop scale, sometimes a 6. I'm not proud of this but I have been sorting through my poop to make sure there is no blood. I also have dizziness sometimes, headache, jaw ache, peeing a lot, thirsty....About 2 years ago I had bloodwork done because I thought I felt a lump but it was my colon and it turned out and my iron was low, I was told to take an iron supplement but I stopped and never went back to the doctor. Dumb. I got on the pill and stopped menstruating so I felt better. Now with this change in poop, i am convinced I have colon cancer. I'm sure that low iron in 2017 was a sign I had cancer and now it has spread all over me. I talked to two doctors about this poop change and one wants to send me for a ton of blood tests, including the blood in poop one. I'm because myself with worry that these tests are going to reveal something awful inside me and I'm kicking myself for not going back to the doctor to retake my iron that time. I'm sure I have some type of cancer that has spread and I'm already planning how to break it to my loved ones. Anyone have any words of advice when you are actually faced with a health concern ? I can't focus on work and I'm worried

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    Re: Really worried about stomach symptoms

    Hi, Iím sorry that you are going through this. It sounds pretty routine that they are sending you for tests, you just need to think of it as the stages you need to go through to get better.
    What did the other doctor say?
    Might be an idea to start finding ways to relax and distract yourself while youíre waiting.

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