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    Some Sort Of Bone Cancer Near Front Tooth?

    So, about 2.5 months ago I had some pain in my left front tooth. Like I had hit it on something but I had not. This was of course during COVID so I called dentist and left a message and they called in some antibiotics for me in case it was an infection. I took the antibiotics - eventually the pain went away. I don't know if it was because of antibiotics or something else. Anyways, I moved on.

    I was basically pain free in that area for 2 months straight. Honestly kinda forgot about it.

    Then, I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and they had in their notes that I had called so they took an X-Ray of that area. The nurse thought the bone area by my front tooth looked kinda weird and she would let the dentist look at the X-Ray. The dentist looked at it and didn't think it was anything really, especially if I was no longer having any symptoms or other symptoms like swelling, etc. It basically looked like a small area of bone was missing. The dentist said it could have been the angle of the X-Ray and moved on. He said it wasn't worth cutting into my gum and looking around over. So, that kind of spooked me that they say anything strange at all. They kinda poked around that tooth and checked to see if it felt loose.

    So, I get home and the next day surprise I'm having the pain in that tooth again. The literal next day after going to the dentist. The pain lasted for a few days and then went away for a few days. Now, it's back again since about 3-4 days ago.

    I'm beyond depressed. The missing bone is because I have cancer in that bone. I researched the general forms of bone cancer and it looks like fibrosarcoma is the only type of bone cancer that can present in the upper case maxillary area. However, it is extremely rare. Fibrosarcoma itself is apparently 1 in 2 million people... and head / neck fibrosarcoma is only 0.05% of all fibrosarcomas.... so something like 1 in 500 million people. I could only find information about a few cases and they were all in medical journals as rare case reports. So, we're talking about something many times more rare than even something like ALS. Potentially dozens or hundreds of times more rare than that.

    However, I'm still EXTREMELY convinced this is what I have. I don't know what else it could be. Why would it look like I have a jagged missing bone area by the tooth that is hurting?

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    Re: Some Sort Of Bone Cancer Near Front Tooth?

    Quote Originally Posted by darkside4k View Post
    I'm beyond depressed. The missing bone is because I have cancer in that bone.
    Sorry to hear that. When do you start treatment? I had cancer last year, but I'm doing good now, so there's always hope
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    Re: Some Sort Of Bone Cancer Near Front Tooth?

    Why donít you book another appointment because the pain is still there and ask them to look again at the X-ray. But also remember that the dentist is the expert here & know what they are looking at. You could always advise them on your fears.

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    Re: Some Sort Of Bone Cancer Near Front Tooth?

    [QUOTE=darkside4k;1957054] I'm beyond depressed. The missing bone is because I have cancer in that bone.[QUOTE]

    Or ya know you could have been missing that bone most of your life and not know it. Which makes more sense. A bone does not just disappear especially within a span of few months without other symptoms. There is no way you would have been able to do things like eat if it was that serious.

    What happened to the other supposed cancers you have had?

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    Re: Some Sort Of Bone Cancer Near Front Tooth?

    A question asked on another thread begs to be asked here...

    "What would you do if it was?"

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