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Thread: Strange periods

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    Strange periods

    Hi everyone hope everyone is having good days, ok this is gonna be a bit of a strange one, I have some unusual symptoms that im.wondering if are actually normal.

    Ok here goes, I'm gonna list what I have been experiencing and I'm asking if anyone else has had this and think it's normal,

    I am 36 mother of two beautiful girls
    I am on the implanol implant have been for over 1 year (terrible time at first but things have finally settled)
    For the last 3 months I have been experiencing around about two weeks before, during and now after my period the following

    High core temp well 37.8 sometimes higher (did regularly take it but have stopped that now)
    Pains in lower back legs and joints
    Hot flashes
    Heightened sense of smell
    Hair falling out
    Gaining weight (possibly as a result of constant feeling of needed to eat)
    Light headed and also brain fog
    Restless legs
    Feelings of utter exhaustion
    Very weepy

    And now a period that has lasted 16 days 😓 I have done a test as my history doesn't necessarily follow that my periods stop straight away when pregnant and I had an ectopic 5 years ago which followed the same pattern. But it has come bk negative. So I suppose my question is, is this normal for a woman my age, could this be the menopause.

    If you have read this far thanks for doing that and any advice would be greatly recieved x

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    Re: Strange periods

    I think you should put in a call to your gyno and ask just to be sure.
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    Re: Strange periods

    May be worth getting your thyroid levels checked as well?

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    Re: Strange periods

    I can relate to every single one of your symptoms and for me they are sadly 'normal' - but then I am 51 and hopefully very close to menopause (gone 80 days without a bleed as longest). Everything you speak of screams 'hormone imbalance' to me and whilst perimenopause can start 10 years before full menopause, and you are within the range for that, but on the lower end age-wise, I would be asking for other checks for possible reasons. Imbalance from the implant ? Thyroid (as mentioned above) ? Non-ovulation ? A sex hormone panel of bloods might give some clues, but it is possible that they don't show the true picture as there is so much variation from hour to hour and day to day when things become erratic hormone-wise. Time for a chat with the GP methinks to see if they can start trying to uncover the cause.

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