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    Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    Hi, I have a few questions pertaining to the above.
    Would pain in the stomach be all over, central, or predominately on the left or right side?
    Can the constant need to belch be a symptom?
    I read that blood sugars can raise. Would these be a remarkable or slight increase?
    Is constant gas and bc a bloated stomach a symptom?

    Iím aware these can be signs of other things but I suppose Iím trying to get answers to the many symptoms I have. Iím not sure how much more I can take of this constant feeling of malaise, lethargy and a feeling of not being with it - drowsy. Is this what is known as depersonalisation? Onset was from Feb and it has just gone on with changing symptoms and feeling worse. My family have had enough and the Dr said to me on a Friday, I absolutely have no idea what is going on. You are a complex case! Iím now having a consultation with kidney Dr on Tuesday as my urine has microscopic blood and protein in it. I need to see a gastro dr, but my dr is reluctant to refer as wants to do one thing at a time, despite I having private insurance, which is not how I do things. My face has bloated, my arms and legs feel like they have retention - I can feel discomfort, but no one agrees and say it could be a lack of not drinking enough water. Iíve started drinking 2-3 cups of coffee in quick succession and my missus thinks this is not good and causing sone hot spells and anxiety. Iíve only done this to support local businesses.

    My back hurts, upper right quadrant and central stomach is bloated and painful at times. I asked if it could be liver related but US was clear and bloods okay, apart from marginally raised bilirubin at 22 which apparently goes up and down. Wondering whether to ask for pancreatic tests. My blood sugar has gone into Pre diabetic - 6.1, which dr is not concerned about. I am. Iíve lost weight and do not have sugar. My eyes sight is certainly blurry. I think the kidney man will maybe pick up on this or I can ask him. Iíve never felt so ill. I note that a lot of what Iím experiencing now is similar to what I had 10 years ago when I joined on here.

    Apologies for going on but I feel I have no one else to talk to - especially family and friends are becoming bored of hearing it now to.


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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns


    You have almost outright said yourself it is anxiety but I know how it is and the anxiety takes hold again. I have had all of your symptoms at one point or another. It was never PC or anything sinister but anxiety instead. However, having bloods and your tests will hopefully reinforce this.

    Take heart. None of your symptoms sound too worrying and are very common anxiety symptoms.

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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    Your U/S was clear and so are your bloods. Loosing weight and cutting back on sugar is good. Daily exercise is recommended if you are pre-diabetic (or for anyone actually).
    If you are one of the lucky souls allowed to enter NZ at this time please remember two things:

    1. We did the hard months in lockdown abiding by rules for you to get here.
    2. No one gives a shit if you prefer white towels or hotels with sea views.
    You're in quarantine for fourteen days ...obey the rules.

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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    Thanks for your input.

    Iíve seen a kidney specialist this week who confirmed my kidneys are working well. It would seem that my symptoms are highly likely to be the result of a drug trial that I am on. I upped the dose in Jan and shortly after the problems started. With Covid, the team have not been around to monitor. The drug can cause thyroid tumour - my thyroid bloods are normal, throat issues, pancreatic, kidney issues, rapid weight loss, breathing and GI problems to name a few, of which I have many. I wouldnít be surprised if my pancreas is playing up and for sure there is some issue or imbalance as I feel water retention and my face and neck are visibly swollen. The trial team, who were shocked, are now on the case and I should here from them on Monday.

    Iíve been checking my blood glucose in the morning prior to eating or drinking and itís 4.2 which is excellent. I think this drug has totally caused an imbalance in my body. I stopped it completely in March and read it takes 5 weeks to leave the body, so these symptoms should have gone!

    Iím writing this and feel like Iím being strangled. Im still experiencing bloating and gas, but itís improved from what it was and the burping, which Iíve never done, has also settled. Fingers crossed I can get this sorted out next week and get back to some normality!

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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    Serious question.... Looking at your history, you've been on the site ten years. You had a 4 year gap in posting between 2016 and 2020. What did you do to get you off the cycle those 4 years? Besides the physical symptoms of anxiety you're descrbing, was there a trigger?

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    Good question. Back in 2010 I felt really ill. No need to elaborate as itís all on my posts back then. I was convinced I had bowl cancer, had numerous tests all clear. My stomach bloated badly and I lost a lot of body muscle but never got to the bottom of it. 2017, I had a major heart attack which was nearly missed. It really was a sliding doors moment. At no point during or after did I have anxiety. In fact, i was determined to get back to my physical best but also felt fantastic after having the stents. 2018 I was invited to do a drug trial for with the cardiac unit. I decided to do it to give something back. I havenít tolerated the drug well and been on the lowest dose. In Jan, I agreed to up the dose to 8 then the problems started, problems which Iíve experienced before so I was not overly concerned. Then come alone Covid and I started to get typical symptoms. My GP and the kidney dr this week said for sure Iíve had a mild dose, despite negative tests for virus and antibodies. My focus has been on Covid and my health not improving. The serious side effects of this drug is like a check list and the kidney dr had said for sure this has caused the problems.

    Now going back to your question and you have hit the nail on the head about triggers. 2010, a work colleagues daughter was having similar symptoms. The Drs put it down to constipation and lifestyle. She eventually went private and was diagnosed with advanced bowl cancer at 28. She sadly never reached 30. The colleague kept saying, donít take no for answer you feel ill and pain for a reason etc. I was convinced I had the same.

    February this year, my cardiologist said, you really need to do all you can to avoid Covid. This really is the last thing you need with your heart. That stuck in my head, and has caused a lot of anxiety. My missus and I discussed this earlier this week as she picked up on these triggers and said I have never seen Or would believe how you have changed in your thought process and personality. I can go back to 1988 when the meningitis pandemic was doing the rounds. I had the seasonal bug that was doing the rounds. A fella at my company put a glass to my arm and said you have the meningitis rash. That was my first ever experience of HA and can honesty say I lost my best years in my late teens. I was diagnosed with ME, never seemed to recover for years. I think it was all to do with anxiety and stress. Back then, these subjects were not discussed. There was no internet or online forums like this.

    So to the present time. I have got something going on but have been extremely anxious and acted out of character.

    Thereís a few on here that offer fantastic advice and opinions, which I enjoy reading. You are one of them by the way.

    All the best

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    Re: Pancreatic Cancer & Other Concerns

    I have read up on the side effects of this trial drug and now Iím very concerned. It is now cleared and prescribed in the US and Europe. I have to say the team are fantastic and really look after you but with Covid they were all redeployed to Covid wards.

    It has caused Thyroid cancers in rodents and Iím experiencing a lot of the symptoms - face and neck swelling, intermittent hoarseness, throat soreness, burning and breathlessness when laying down to name a few. It also mentions not to take this if you have had a family member suffer with a specific thyroid cancer - my nan died of it. I did mention this when I joined the trial two years ago. Iíve had hoarseness and a lot of throat clearing for a year or so and thinking if this has been growing for sometime and has now totally blown up and spread, hence swollen lymph nodes in neck, jaw, armpit and stomach issues. I have had bloods taken for Thyroid function some weeks ago which were clear, but understand that this can be the case with Thyroid cancer

    My missus says I am drifting from one thing to another, is sick of me going on and just doesnít get it. I understand but I feel Iíve got to the bottom of my ongoing health woes since Feb. Iím now have more pain and discomfort in my groin and feel I have another UTi as my pee stinks! This is just not right.

    I am certain this drug has also caused pancreatic issues. I said it seemed my pancreas had been affected. My stomachs bloated, I have lots of gas which stinks, along with stools that do too. Iíve felt very nauseated snd had loss of appetite, this has improved though as Iím now eating okay. Iíve had these issues when I first started the trial but not to this extent.

    Wise monkey, you seem to be very knowledgeable on pancreatic and many issues and another person whoís views and comments I hold in high regard. Would an inflamed pancreas show in an ultrasound and standard bloods, CRP for example, or would I need specific blood tests? My missus said if I had pancreatitis I would be doubled over in agony. Added with the loads of antibiotics I had in a short succession from. Feb, she thinks Iíve got a gut flora imbalance which I did believe at the time. Lately I just seem to think the worse case scenario every time.

    The drug has a half life of 5 weeks. I stopped injecting this in March so Iím concerned that I still have symptoms. Would it take longer for symptoms to subside? I will be in contact with the team tomorrow and hopefully get called in to be checked over. GP will not see me which is appalling.

    I hope my fears are proved to be wrong but I do have a nasty gut feeling something is wrong.

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