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    Does anyone else have mental health anxiety?

    I have OCD for sure but I can't stop self-diagnosing myself and pathologizing every little mental health symptom. If I am feeling a little shy then I Google and find the criteria for Avoidant Personality Disorder. If I am feeling a little too happy I feel terrified I have bipolar disorder. It's the exact same as when I have a headache and think it's a brain tumor. It's shifted from physical health to mental health since I started therapy. I feel obsessed with getting the " right" kind of treatment and worrying that they might miss some other illness I might have. Wondering if anyone else has this same experience?

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    Re: Does anyone else have mental health anxiety?

    Lots of people on here with OCD worry that they have schizophrenia. And I’m sure you see all the health anxiety posts where people worry about having cancer and other illnesses. The worry might change, but it’s all the same cycle and mechanisms.

    what are you doing to treat your OCD?
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    Re: Does anyone else have mental health anxiety?

    Health anxiety is a form of OCD. So the treatment is the same. My therapist reckons that half the battle is learning to deal with anxiety in general first. Once you can do that cbt can help with the obsessive behaviour

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