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    Right Middle Back Pain

    Suddenly on the morning of 7/2/2020 I started having really bad pain in the right middle back like on the lowest back rib. It hurt to stand, walk, sit, lay down, whatever. It felt a little better a few hours later but it has been coming and going since that day. Some nights it's hard to sleep because I sleep on my side and no matter which side I choose I feel it. Sleeping on my back I feel no pain at all. I also don't really feel pain when I'm standing and usually only when I twist or move in a certain way.

    Does this sound like muscular pain since it happens when I move or stretch it but not otherwise? It also hurts if I find the right spot and push on it. I don't know, I thought I just slept on it wrong but it kind of worries me now that it hasn't gone away after 10 days. I've tried icing and heating it. Can't really tell if it helps, honestly.

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    Re: Right Middle Back Pain

    It sounds like it could very likely be muscular if it hurts with movement, and even when sitting down, and the fact you can actually find the spot which hurts to touch. I'm not sure what the muscles are called in that area, but I've had issues there before and nothing seemed to help it, except for going to physiotherapist who was able to get right into the spot. Are you taking some anti-inflammatories? Sometimes you have to take them regularly for a few days for them to kick in and reduce the inflammation.

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    Re: Right Middle Back Pain

    Definitely sounds muscular. Since it hurts when you're moving it Is it better now? Does it feel like a deep ache in your back? Have you seen a doctor/tried pain killers? Muscle aches and pain often do last a long time when the muscle is tight or under postural strain. Hope it is better now and you can sleep better. Maybe look at your mattress too?
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