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    Fred Dibnah

    This guy is amazing. I'm sure many of the older folk from the UK will remember him on the BBC. I enjoy watching him and he's always chirpy and chipper. Oh and he has the biggest pair, just watch and see lol. He was still doing his documentaries through the 3 years he battled his Cancer. Bloody legend.

    He was the only steeplejack that used Victorian methods for repairing and demolishing them (huge chimneys). He puts up the ladders all the way to the top, and builds a scaffolding at the top. All the time without any support at all. Enjoy

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    Re: Fred Dibnah

    Oh yes I remember Fred Dibnah. I've worked on many a scaffold in my bricklaying days but this guy was 200 odd feet from the ground, standing on a few flimsy planks. Incredible.
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