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Thread: Is this a panic attack

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    Is this a panic attack

    hi I'm 41 male 5.3 did weight 9.5st but no appite for last week and half every time I eat I come over very hot feel very jittery hand and feet sweat .im worried I have diabetes so did home test my levels go from 4.7 up to 6.6 . I have rang doc but can't get a face to face due to pandemic. I'm on my 3rd day of citalopram 20mg I do suffer from Heath anxiety .

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    Re: Is this a panic attack

    Hi James,
    Do you any fear about eating?
    Your levels sound ok to me.
    Maybe itís something you should discuss with your doctor as it might be related to the medicine?

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    Re: Is this a panic attack

    Hi James l get like that when my anxiety is bad but l also agree with scass could be your meds as you are only just starting them if you get no improvement at least have a chat with your doctor take care

    best wishes xx

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