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Thread: 7 day ECG

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    7 day ECG

    Hey guys not been here for a while!
    I've just got a 7 Monitor fitted which is already going great my skin itches so bad 😂

    I never thought to ask them so wondering if you guys know, I have to press the button when I have an event. Now they've given me a diary that only allows to write down one symptom a day. Do I fill that with events today? And have no room for the rest? Or just record one today and ignore the rest? Till tomorrow?

    I suppose I could write on another piece of paper too!
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    Re: 7 day ECG

    I have had a Holter before and I'm currently wearing a 14 day monitor a Zio patch, I don't have enough spaces to write every time I press the button so have documented the several I had on day one and have included a bit of paper stating too many events to write down them all. Oh and yeah they itch like a mofo!!
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