Hello guys! Iím a health anxiety sufferer and after stopping my antidepressants 9 months ago I started experiencing symptoms. It all started with a lump in my breast which turned out to be bening and now I was feeling my neck (it was stiff due to stress) and felt two little pea sized nodes above my collarbone. Obviously I googled it and says nodes shouldnít be felt in that spot. Itís getting hard to get an appointment with my gp due to covid and I canít stop thinking about this being malignant. I need your support and Iíd like to know if any of you had any collarbone node which turned out to be nothing. This node is not related to any disease and has been there for a couple of weeks. I was doing so well on lexapro that Iím thinking about taking it again. I was doing so ok that I was even diagnosed with a benign brain tumor on it and didnít freak out. Thank you guys! And sorry for my poor English.