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Thread: Tight throat 😭

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    Tight throat 😭

    My new symptom of anxiety is tight squeezing throat with tight stomach and my head canít switch off it which I no is making it worse 😭 itís worse when I want to go out or even thought of stepping out the house I no itís just me making it worse by over thinking etc but how can I calm it down ??? I have tried all the accepting as I no itís anxiety I no itís me causing it but I get in the car go to drive away it starts so I try changing my thinking but back if my mind is freaking out like omg omg blah blah 🙈🙈
    trying in little steps

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    Re: Tight throat 😭

    It's tough, I know, but you just have to accept it. I've sometimes had this for months on end, and the best thing you can do is remind yourself that it's just your anxiety, then carry on with your day.
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    Re: Tight throat 😭

    I have similar but it's a tightness behind my nose, I'm working on trying to refocus as soon as I think about it. It works for me sometimes but at the moment not all the time. :-(

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    Re: Tight throat 😭

    Hi I have had this before and it's not nice but totally anxiety driven . It's a vicous circle we go round and round. I'm going through a terrible time with acid reflux and it's making my life a misery . The more I worry it's just getting worse .So I know how you feel it's truly awful. X

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