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Thread: Iíve stopped eating anything with my hands. Am I crazy?

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    Iíve stopped eating anything with my hands. Am I crazy?

    Hi all, Since this pandemic started Iíve stopped eating food which I need to touch with my hands. Iím sure itís an OCD thing but Iíd love to get it under control. Iíve completely stopped eating sandwiches and even toast I will eat with a knife and fork. Iíve had OCD and anxiety before but this is just out of control.
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    Re: Iíve stopped eating anything with my hands. Am I crazy?

    Youíre not crazy, youíre anxious.
    As long as you wash your hands before and after preparing your sandwich or toast you should be fine.
    Start small and work up to it.
    Keep practicing any relaxation techniques that work for you. I find mindful breathing exercises help me.

    No one is saying not to be careful, but if you folllow the right steps then you can start to lose some anxiety about it and also start to enjoy eating again. Think of all the things that are better eaten by hand and make one of your favourites, you deserve it.

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