Hi everyone

I have health anxiety so the monthly breast exam always fills me with fear and I always end up becoming really obsessive over the tiniest thing.

Iíve been doing my breast exams laying down (I have small breasts, so when I lay down thereís almost no tissue between my hands and chest wall). Iíve been soaking my skin with water and covering it in moisturiser so that I can feel every little thing. Is this too detailed? feels like I can feel every bone when I do it this way which is easy to mistake for a smooth lump, and every time I feel a hard bone I freak out and then cannot find it when I do the exam with the conventional 3 fingers on dry skin method.

Is it normal to feel hard bony lumps and bumps if you feel far down with wet skin using one finger? It freaks me out every time I feel anything hard but itís usually pretty symmetrical :(