I'm doing okay thank you Redsmum.

I'm on about day 5 of the 20mg increase and honestly I haven't really felt any side effects since then. The morning anxiety is still there albeit it isn't nearly as bad as it was, no longer do i lay in bed ruminating about whether I'm going to die or not, I just get up and get busy with something and I find that helps. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a year, I ended up doing 60 minutes of intense walking on the treadmill without any pain, aside from being out of shape! Which filled me with positivity that my heart is doing well for itself. My GP ordered a full blood test last week and still waiting on those results just to give me a good health m.o.t really. Overall I think things are improving. The 20mg seems to have really knocked the thoughts into shape, I do still get them while walking around or idling but they feel a little bit more like background noise then anything right now. The only thing that hasn't improved is my appetite, although I say that but I can now eat full meals without feeling sick, I just don't have the desire to eat anything so I try and go for a bit of comfort food now and again, I suspect the appetite loss is down to the medication adjusting and my own anxiety, it'll come back in it's own time I think. I seem to have developed a weird phobia of germs recently, i'm often washing things several times until i'm sure it's clean. That could be down to COVID though.

It's still early days for the increase so I'm not going to worry too much about the physical symptoms.