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Thread: Air hunger linked to palpitations - what are your thoughts?

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    Air hunger linked to palpitations - what are your thoughts?

    Hi folks.

    I have experienced skipped beats, missed beats and flutters for over 20 years. I have had many, many tests. Result: mental health issue (i.e. anxiety).

    I was a mouth breather until my early twenties, likely as a result of ear, nose and throat issues as a kid. In my early twenties nose breathing became possible, but I expect this is because I made an effort.

    I find that when I get too hot, angry or stressed, I become what I call 'breathy', which is a feeling of air hunger. I can't get a good breath. So I sigh and yawn to achieve this satisfactory breath.

    I sometimes find that if I am not experiencing air hunger, I get palpitations. But if I am experiencing air hunger I don't get palpitations.

    Can you relate to this?

    Every six months or so I get hit with a barrage of full-on heart flutters, lasting only seconds but it kicks my ass as it scares me and depletes my energy. At first it was straight to the ER, but I now know there is no need to go to the ER.

    I still get palps in between, on and off, but nothing like the out-of-the-blue flutter session! It tends to happen when I'm relaxed. I wonder if it's an attempt at some kind of system reset. Sounds weird, I know.

    Are you a mouth breather? Do you get air hunger? What are your thoughts?

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    Re: Air hunger linked to palpitations - what are your thoughts?

    I am also a mouth breather, and have to fully concentrate to breathe through my nose. Which was pretty much under control.....UNTIL i had to wear a mask for 9 hours per day. As a result back to mouth breathing, air hunger, heart palpitations, and full blown out of control anxiety attacks. Stay strong, I try to everyday

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