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Thread: Covid vaccine

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    Covid vaccine

    Will you get it ?

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Yeah. Any prevention is worth it to me. As long as my doc says it's safe for me.
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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Why would you not?

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Absolutely! I really would be surprised to see it available before the end of the year. Yes, perhaps the first batches, but realistically, as with previous vaccine development, testing and production, producing enough to vaccinate populations will take months and there will be improvements as it goes forward. But yes, when it becomes available we'll be getting the vaccine.

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    I don’t get the flu shot. I had it about ten years ago and almost immediately got a horrible flu. I understand they say it can’t happen, but it happened to me. So because of that, I won’t get the flu shot.

    I will 100% be taking this vaccine - as long as it’s proven safe to do so. There is not a doubt in my mind about taking it lol.

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    I don't bother with the flu shot much even when I was entitled to it for free when my asthma was medicated. That was more down to laziness or my anxiety getting in the way (changes in routine were a big trigger for me earlier on).

    But the flu shot is very common, a yearly thing we don't put much thought into AND in my opinion we think about ourselves getting flu. With Covid my thoughts flip to my loved ones. I'm not concerned about getting it because I've been on a ventilator with pneumonia on top of asthma and I'm always more concerned with the health of loved ones than myself anyway . That doesn't mean I'm complacent, it just means I don't believe getting it means you will be in amongst the worst. There is a good system in place to help me if it did happen.

    So getting it will help me too but my thoughts are with my loved ones. Side effects and safety are an obvious concern but if the choice is my loved ones are healthy and alive for more years then I will happily take some long term pain for that.
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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Of course! I think it'll take a while for one to be developed, but the sooner we can get this situation under control, the better.
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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Quote Originally Posted by NancyW View Post
    Will you get it ?
    Most definitely we need this vaccine hopefully to get life back to where we use to be hopefully and prevent more unwanted people dying its a no brainer

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Yes Iíll take it.

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    It's a thumbs-up from here too. If it will protect me and my loved ones - and allow me to return to work safely rather than scraping for pennies here and there as I do now - why wouldn't I? I already have a yearly flu jab - previously, to protect my late wife and now because diabetes, so even if this becomes an annual jab, I am not bothered.

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