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Thread: Covid vaccine

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    Quote Originally Posted by MyNameIsTerry View Post
    I'm sure Russia will get a free pass on this from many an anti vaxxer
    Definitely perfect fodder for the antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

    But, to be frank, perhaps we here in the UK should be more concerned about our own forthcoming vaccines, and their possible merits and even de-merits, which are unlikely to have anything to do with that great 'bogeyman' that is Russia!!

    Or Trump and Co, for that matter!!

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    We can learn from their success/failure. No?

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    There won't be any admitted "failure"

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    Re: Covid vaccine

    1000% yes! But, I know a few people who've already said they will refuse because it is all a conspiracy by the government to control us. But they are anti-vax across the board.

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