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Thread: bloody mucus

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    bloody mucus

    Hi i needed a number 2 this morning and there was no toilet so had to hold it for about 10 mins i was an all positions lol i had to sit down because i thought i was going to do it.But i have piles and the pain in pressure inside my bottom was so painful. i managed to get there and after i had been the pain in my bum stayed.Anyway ive come home and needed the toilet again and i passed wind and dark mucusy blood with the wind i saw it on the toilet paper ive had a poo again and there was alittle on the end of the bum has this deep pain in it now. I have had this before once or twice but not for a long time and they did say it would be piles has anyone else had this

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    Re: bloody mucus

    Yes loads of us have and it will most likely be the piles

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