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Thread: Armpit lymph node

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    Armpit lymph node

    Hi. Iím 95% confident Iíve got a slightly enlarged lymph node in my armpit. Iím sure itís within normal range but I found some in the same armpit a few years ago and I could never feel one in this particular area of my armpit so this is new for me. I noticed it when shaving on Saturday. Iíve been so good since lockdown. Despite the fact I had to stop my sessions with my psychologist. I started a new business, continued working my employed job and home schooling my kids. I was too busy to obsess but since Saturday Iíve slipped right back down the rabbit hole.

    Iíve pulled it about so much my armpit is sore, skin on top is really sore too. The swelling from pulling it about has calmed down a little and I can now get this lump between my fingers and roll is about. So itís not fixed. Itís right at the top of my armpit just slightly below where the arm actually starts. Probably the size of a peppercorn. I think it could be smaller than it was on Saturday but I donít know and Iíve not been ill so Iím panicking. As I say this is new for me. I could never feel anything in this location before. My cat did scratch me on the arm by my wrist a few weeks ago. So could be that? Iím worrying about blood cancers and I donít think itís anything to do with my breast as much higher up and nodes near my breast canít be felt.

    Im really worrying and I feel this cloud of doom again which I havenít felt for some time.

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    Re: Armpit lymph node

    Ah, the cloud of doom.

    Could easily be a cyst. Very common in that area.

    Could also be an enlarged lymph node from the cat scratch.

    I'd give it a couple of weeks, and if it's no smaller by then you could consult your doctor about it.

    I'm sure it is nothing bad, though.

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