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Thread: Obsessing over poop

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    Obsessing over poop

    This is really embarrassing to admit but I have a big problem. I am constantly checking my poop with a flashlight looking for problems. I even look through it. I usually find something to worry about when I do this. There is very often red stuff in it. I eat a lot of tomato, watermelon, cherries etc so I never know for sure thatís what I am looking at. Sometimes it just seems to have a reddish hue. I donít know if I would even notice if I wasnít shining a flashlight on it. I just donít know how to make myself stop. I have talked to my husband and mom about it and they tell me to just flush and stop looking and analyzing. They are so sick of me asking for reassurance. I have even had my husband look at it as well as look at pictures and he always says it looks fine and doesnít even look red to him. Itís like Iím just stuck in a never ending circle. I also am always pushing to check if I need to poop again and I think it makes me have to go more often. Am I the only one who is obsessed with this?

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    Re: Obsessing over poop

    There are lots on here who are obsessed with poop and luckily I'm not one of them. Most people likely glance down the toilet before they flush but its a casual thing they're not actually analysing it! My partner would be totally grossed out if I asked him to look at my poop, so your husband and mother are very tolerant.

    Straining to do more when you've finished can cause hemorrhoids so it's not a wise thing to do. I'd advise you discuss this with your Dr and maybe do a stool sample if you're worried about blood in it. Other than that it's just become a habit which you need to break. I'm sure there will be some words of wisdom from other members on here who can help you with this.
    If you are one of the lucky souls allowed to enter NZ at this time please remember two things:

    1. We did the hard months in lockdown abiding by rules for you to get here.
    2. No one gives a shit if you prefer white towels or hotels with sea views.
    You're in quarantine for fourteen days ...obey the rules.

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    Re: Obsessing over poop

    I’m exactly the same as you, having massive anxiety about bowel cancer, for a year I’ve been picking up my poo out the toilet to check it, it’s a miracle I haven’t got Ill :( I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy last Saturday and I’ve really tried ever since then to not check it, I haven’t picked it up for a week. But it is soooo hard once you start, I know and you know you don’t want to be doing it but it’s a compulsion :( so I can’t offer advice on how to stop unless you get a clean bill of health, but I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. X

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    Re: Obsessing over poop

    I did this too today - after straining to get it out (I was unusually constipated) there was blood on the tissue which prompted the grovelling around in the bowl. However, seemingly none in the poo itself and I must admit I had the feeling of 'torn' later when passing wind. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

    Whilst I've obsessed about cancer for years now (when I was younger it was my heart) my anxiety over bowel cancer spiralled when my best friend was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer last year.

    After surgery, chemo and RF treatment on his bowel, bladder and liver he's been given the all-clear

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