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Thread: Caught some lightning last night with my Cannon EOS

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    Caught some lightning last night with my Cannon EOS

    I mentioned before I've gotten into photography. Learning my camera still. Using a 2000D with stock 18-55mm lense. Settings:

    ISO: 6400
    Shutter Speed: 1/200
    F-Stop: 4.5

    I really struggled to get well lit shots. I had to manually increase the exposure a little post editing. My settings may still be off. I work in manual mode and use mostly the viewfinder as opposed to the LCD. It can be very hard to get the right focus in the dark. I don't use autofocus and shoot in continuous mode.

    The high ISO means the images are noticeably grainy. I hate that, but any lower ISO and the images would be even darker than they were. A high shutter speed would mean less light that I can't compensate for... can't increase the ISO, and not much can be done with the f-stop AFAIK.

    More light may have blown out the light from the lightning. So I'm a bit confused here.

    If any learned photographers lurk here I'd love some advice on getting better images, and some advice on the settings; I feel theres some improvement to be done there.

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