Of late, i have had increasing occurrences of cold toes, first it was for a couple of nights, then went away for a few weeks, it then came back for a week or so then went and its now back and seems almost full time

Its mostly in my eet and in particular, the toes feel really, really cold - this can even be the case with two of three pairs of socks on!

In recent days, this has started to include my fingers, moreso, fingertips, they end up cold and sometimes pins and needles in them

About a month ago, i saw DR about it, she checked a few thing by knocking with some rubber hammer on knee and ankles and said no circulation issues, then got me to do full bloods include vitamins and thyroid, all came back normal
Got it!
its starting to get really frustrating and is a sole focus now (yay for HA) but really, its super uncomfortable and im not losing a lot of sleep due to it

What i tend to notice is
- when im sitting during the day (working at home and often sitting for 8+ hours with very minimal "getting up"
- night time, bed time

when it tend to back off is when i am mobile and walking around, dosnt go completely but i believe it gets a little better

Sorry for the long post, Thanks in advance