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Thread: Australian/New Zealand Films

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    Re: Australian/New Zealand Films

    Quote Originally Posted by Lolalee1 View Post
    Hi Erin
    A Town Like Alice was a mini series here and very good.My Uncle helped fund the series and Brian Brown who played the lead role lived not far from me in Sydney years ago.
    My mum and uncle knew Peter Finch they used too have several beverages with him.

    Dead Calm
    Rabbit Proof Fence
    The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith.Some more movies for you Mr fish xx
    I do remember it being a mini-series now. I rented it from the library at my college years ago! I just recently re-read the book. So good. And that's awesome about your family connections!

    Neville Schute also wrote On the Beach, which became a movie, but I'm not sure if it was actually filmed in Australia. Also, it's horrifyingly chilling (but excellent).

    Edit: I just checked and it WAS filmed in Australia. Also packed with stars: Gregory Peck, Fred Astaire, Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins.

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    Re: Australian/New Zealand Films

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    Re: Australian/New Zealand Films

    Sanctum with Richard Roxburgh is an excellent film.
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