Hey guys. I started a thread on here a few weeks ago about a lump I found just under my collarbone. I found the lump after bruising my collarbone. I was afraid it was a lymph node or maybe a tumor. Anyways, I went to the dr. She could feel it so she did an ultrasound and could not see anything other than bruising. She said a contusion could last 6 weeks or so. Itís been about 4.5 weeks now and itís not any smaller and maybe even a little bigger. The thing that worries me is that there is an OBVIOUS knot there. And they didnít really see anything on the ultrasound........ Do you think they could have missed it? The PA did one, followed by the dr. Now Iím starting to worry they overlooked it. The only thing that makes me feel any better is that the skin is very thin there so itís just right under the surface, but itís not movable. They did mark a bruise on the ultrasound, but thatís it. Also to add insult to injury I was feeling around my collarbone and found a pea sized lump right on the collarbone on the same side(left). I think itís grown some but I canít stop checking it. It feels like a lymph node but Iím not even sure you have nodes in this area. Itís directly on the actual collarbone right about where your arm pit is. Does anyone know if there are nodes there? Should I have a second opinion or is this just my HA showing out? Uggggg I hate this. Thanks guys!