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Thread: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Quote Originally Posted by deejayjewels View Post
    Hey, I get it. I live with it every single day. I'm "better" in the morning, but it gets worse I the day wears on. Rabies is a big one for me. They say is knowledge is power. It is powerful... But that knowledge can be used for good or evil. I find the more I know about things, the more it drives my terror. But, if you look in the right places and skip over the wrong lines, you can find information that soothes your fears rather than exacerbates them.

    I wish I was able to do this.

    Over the past few days Ive stopped all but eating, can hardly sleep, and am in a state of high anxiety from the second I awake to the second I forcefully get some sleep.

    I have never been this bad before, I feel like my lifes all but over.

    My fiance is at her wits end, and I feel for her and my daughter, they dont need me like this.

    I go through every theory, was it a bat, did I touch something, did aerosolized rabies get inhaled, did it happen years ago and starting now? ETC.

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Oh man. I really really do understand. I've been doing this same shit for years. YEARS. My boyfriend does his best, but it can be difficult. I am usually my only comfort, with the exception of the attention that my son draws away from the insanity. I'm an alcoholic over it. The only time, and I do mean the only time that I can believe the logic is when I'm ****ing drunk. Or, at least it helps me face my own death. I'm on my sixth white claw as we speak.

    Specifically with rabies, I have induced such hysteria and panic that I could not swallow, I began to hallucinate (shadows and breathing walls, auditory hallucinations), and broke out in body quakes, while my boyfriend held me.and just waited for it to be over. EVERY thing I do, I do as if it were my last day, every day. Playing pretend with my son, making sure the house is spotless when the man comes home, art and projects, music, etc. Guess it's not all bad.

    I can help you. We'll get through this, you and I.

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Don't worry. You're not dying. It's not a latent infection, there are very few pieces of literature detailing such events. Furthermore, bat related lyssaviruses aren't quiet as virulent as canine rabies, and there are many examples of both unvaccinated humans and livestock coming up seropositive with rabies neutralizing antibodies, which indicates survival of infection, and this is usually bat rabies. Furthermore, the statistics are truly in your favor. What region do you live in?

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

    I am in Indiana, we live in the city but my inlaws live in rural part of the state, which is where this damn fear of the Bats comes from.
    We were helping them move shrubbery last month and for some reason, the thought of a bat biting me unbeknownst to me has crept into my head.

    I now constantly fear that not only am I dying soon, but that it was caused by a bat I did not see or feel.

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Here. Check this out.

    This may help with some of your fears.

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    Re: Bat Bite rabies, symptoms showing.

    Thank you so much!!

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    New worsening symptoms! Update!

    So I posted a few days ago about my rabies scare, this time I think this might be the one, I have since developed trouble eating, I mean a complete lack of appetite, constant panic attacks and anxiety, and now both my legs are weak, I can feel the weakness in them, it was sudden, also parathesia in my neck and upper shoulders, also runny stool.

    No fever yet, but Im sure thats coming.

    Also Im dizzy, I started taking Lexapro a few days ago, and thats not helping.

    Im not sure when the exposure happened, it could have been anytime in the past two years, we have a small gap in our front door by the weather trim, I surmise a rabid bat could have crawled in through their, and bit me ( I usually sleep on my couch for some reason. )

    It could have also happened last month when I was moving shrubs for my in laws, or a few years ago when I lived in the woods.

    In short, I never felt the bat bite, or saw a bat bite, but Im sure it struck while I was sleeping and gave me this terrible disease sometime in the past month/years.

    Im so terrified.

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    Re: New worsening symptoms! Update!

    Knock it off, please? Bats have mass, you can't be bitten by one without noticing it.

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    Re: New worsening symptoms! Update!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueIris View Post
    Knock it off, please? Bats have mass, you can't be bitten by one without noticing it.
    My rational part knows that Blu! But I keep thinking what if it bit me when we lived in the woods a few years ago and I was sleeping, or if I hardly felt it?

    Or when I picked up the shrubbery I didnt notice one laying in wait.

    Hell, it might not have even been a bat, my inlaws have outdoor cats, and sometimes I accidentally touch their food bowls/food when I sit on their swing, what if a raccoon salivated on the food and I touched it and touched my mucous membranes or an open sore?

    I could have possibly been contaminated over the course of the twenty five years, since one person had a dormant case of rabies for 25 years!!!

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    Re: New worsening symptoms! Update!

    True, and tomorrow you might get hit by a car.

    It's highly, highly unlikely, though. Are you getting professional help for your anxiety?
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