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Thread: Gynecomastia and testicular cancer

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    Gynecomastia and testicular cancer

    Hi everyone

    Iíve previously been doing great with my health anxiety (thanks to running and being more active mainly).

    However, after an arduous bike ride the other night, the next day my left breast/nipple started hurting. It started off as a continuous dull ache and then has gradually lessened. 4 days later, now Iíll only get an occasional sharp/stinging twinge if I move in a certain way.

    Annoyingly, testicular cancer has always been my big fear. I know that gynecomastia (breast growth in men) can be a sign of testicular cancer and Iím worried. My breast doesnít look particularly larger, itís just a little painful, and I check my balls regularly and all good on that front too.

    Am I worried over nothing? My girlfriend thinks I might have hurt my breast from my bike ride - but it doesnít really feel muscular. I guess itís getting better, but I donít know what gynecomastia feels like.

    Anyway, Iíd be grateful to hear if anyone has had something similar and some reassurance so I can stop worrying!!

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: Gynecomastia and testicular cancer


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