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Thread: High amylase

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    High amylase

    Hi, I am a newbie to the forum and have found it very helpful.

    I had some liver function tests done recently because of changes in my bowel function (yellow stools). The tests all came out normal except for amylase which was 162 u/L.

    I didn't spot the abnormal result straight away but then rang the surgery when I did notice it. The doctor rang me last week to say they weren't concerned because the level wasn't overly high and that I should be reassured.

    But then today the same doctor rang me to ask me to book another blood test in a few weeks' time. Needless to say I am frustrated and annoyed because if I wasn't vigilant about my health I don't think anyone would have said anything. And they told me straight out that there was nothing to be concerned about so I am feeling blindsided.

    I am otherwise feeling fine in myself - so I can't figure out what is going on. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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    Re: High amylase

    I'm not sure what the question is here.

    You had a test that you saw, but aren't qualified to interpret.

    You called the Doctor who said there was nothing to worry about.

    The Doctor called back and asked you to book another test, which you're annoyed about.

    Have you just assumed that there IS a problem that they've uncovered? Perhaps it's just standard procedure to do two tests for this a few weeks apart. Did you ask why you were being re-tested?

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    Re: High amylase

    Hi - thanks for coming back.

    I already suffer from anxiety on these things. Instead of falling into a pit of worry I took action to call the doctors when I happened to look at my results two weeks later and realised no one had called me to explain an abnormal result. It wasn't mildly abnormal, it was significantly over the normal levels to my untrained eye. They always tell you after blood tests that someone will call you if something is wrong.

    So instead of jumping to conclusions I asked for help and was told with no hesitation that it was nothing to worry about and I did not need to take action. To be called completely out of the blue days later to come again for tests really doesn't help me cope. I was too shocked to say or ask much.

    Like I said I'm blindsided and frustrated. I'd like to think there is nothing wrong but unfortunately looking around about what high amylase means isn't comforting especially when I otherwise feel ok.

    Sorry, I thought this was a place where at least I could get some reassurance.

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    Re: High amylase

    Why not ring up the surgery and ask why you have been asked to do another test when you had previously been told that you should be reassured by the results? Ask to speak directly to the specific GP-don't be fobbed off by the receptionist or another GP. Ask why they want to re-test you.

    Good luck and don't take any nonsense from the surgery!

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    Re: High amylase

    Quote Originally Posted by monalove2000 View Post

    Sorry, I thought this was a place where at least I could get some reassurance.
    Well yes and no, it's about dealing with the effects of anxiety and panic, not offering reassurance over medical diagnosis we're not qualified to comment on.

    My point here is that you've already been told the test results were nothing to worry about, and I'm suggesting you're jumping to conclusions over the reason for a further test. For all you know (and this is common) it could be standard procedure to take the same test twice over a prescribed period of time in order to get a broader view of any potential issues.

    Also, you say one result was significantly abnormal, but the medical professionals have already told you it's nothing to worry about, so why are you still pondering this reading? It's allowing anxiety to override reality and fact.

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    Re: High amylase

    I think we are at cross purposes here. I'm not asking for medical advice but if anyone else has had the same experience. I can't be the only person in the world this has happened to. Luckily someone else has given me a positive tip here about what I can do to help myself feel better and I've had support without judgement elsewhere.

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    Re: High amylase

    Hi I have normal Amylase but slightly raised Lipase levels, which sent me into a spin last year. Scan's revealed that I have nothing wrong with my pancreas or liver. My Dr doesn't see this often but the specialist knew more and that there can be non-pancreatic raised lipase levels.
    Mine is likely due to autoimmune activity that I have going on and has been better since I've gone gluten free.
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    You're in quarantine for fourteen days ...obey the rules.

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    Re: High amylase

    Thanks very much. Had the followup blood tests and the GP still doesn't know what's going on. Have been referred to gastroenterology and for an ultrasound. Still feeling well in myself, just baffled!

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