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Thread: Emetophobia, a likely 'learned' behaviour?

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    Emetophobia, a likely 'learned' behaviour?

    Whilst I don't intend to seem patronising in any way, as emetophobia is a very profound and debilitating condition and experience for many the world over, as I personally have been in that very same boat myself on occasions (especially when I was younger), I do often wonder as to whether our fears and anxieties pertaining to vomiting might actually be 'learned' behaviours in any way, especially us as babies tend(ed) to vomit fairly frequently but rather fearlessly, as it obviously (in the vast majority of instances) makes us feel better immediately afterwards, but as we get a bit older, such things can develop into the subject of fully-fledged panics amongst many of us.

    I often assume it's likely because vomiting is often very much considered a taboo subject amongst many, in a similar sense to toileting-related issues in general, all of which often provoke a sense of disgust and revolt amongst many of us, and just as with many general toilet-related mishaps, many parents, teachers, etc have been known to woe betide children for chucking up in places other than toilets or other appropriate receptacles, and inadvertently causing a terrible mess (and stench), and also likely to have been subjected to inadvertent bullying and humiliation by their siblings/classmates. And finally, the thought of losing control of oneself during an act of being sick is also most unpleasant, even though most episodes tend to last for only just a few seconds on average.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Emetophobia, a likely 'learned' behaviour?

    Although I do think thereís definitely validity to this I was inconsolable even as a baby whenever I was sick, and even when I was burped. My parents tried everything. It never got any better for me, Iím somewhat in control of things now but itís still a driving force for much of my mental illness.

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