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Thread: Buttock/coccyx feeling strange

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    Buttock/coccyx feeling strange

    Good morning everyone. I have been recently suffering from severe anxiety. I spent 7-9years suffering from severe hypochondria and it looks like it is coming back, and sincerely I will not take it this time. Recently, I have been having light aches in my buttocks/coccyx area. It's not pain, it's more like discomfort. Also rear of my thighs feel fatigued, but I still have strength, and it's sometimes one side or the other, or both. I wake up ok, but after some time the feeling comes. I'm not expecting a diagnosis, all I would like, if possible, is for someone who has experienced this and it turned out not being a terminal illness. I'd you could help, I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Buttock/coccyx feeling strange

    Hi, I get this from time to time and the physio told me that in the same way that some people carry tension in their neck area, others on their coccyx area. Now when this happens I go for a massage and feel much better

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    Re: Buttock/coccyx feeling strange

    Iíve had this! It was so strange, worried me too. I massaged the coccyx area and I clearly had some trapped wind there because it ahem, released itself (sorry, tmi) I donít recall that magically fixing it but I did think that was making it more achey. And the ache randomly went away on its own. But never found out what it was - I just call it one of the weirdest anxiety symptoms Iíve had lol. Hope yours is gone now!

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