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    Hey everyone. I'm in the states, and I've been isolating since the start of the pandemic, but had to go in for my annual check up at the dentist last week. Long story short, I have to have some fillings replaced later this week, and will be in the chair for a good couple of hours. I'll need to return briefly the following week to have a permanent crown set in.

    Dental anxiety is something I've always had, but on top of that I'm worried about catching COVID. Everyone at the office is masked, but there are other patients that will be worked on in separate rooms (but no doors) and I worry about aerosols getting into the air and circulating throughout the office. Additionally, school will be starting the week I'll have to have my crown, and I know my dentist will be sending their kids back, so I'm worried about potentially catching it if he is exposed by them.

    I'm trying to tell myself that since patients are in other rooms, it would be difficult to spread, and even if the dentist is exposed, the mask will prevent them from spreading it.

    Am I worrying for no reason?

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    Re: Dentist

    Anyone? Really anxious about this :( Last time I had dental work this extensive, I didn't sleep at all the night before. Worried that'll happen again and be bad for my immune system.

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    Re: Dentist

    I would suggest that you call them and tell
    them your thoughts. Maybe you can go in earlier or later or not during a busy time frame. You should be fine with moving air inside (A\C) and the wall separation. Maybe bring a mask that you can wear in between them working on you?
    is this something that you need ASAP or can you put it off for a few months?
    if your case count is low in your area I am sure that you will be fine, but to put your mind at ease, maybe postpone or cal them? Good luck

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    Re: Dentist

    I recently had an extraction. Still a hole there but it's healing. I had the same worries. The dentist I used were well prepared. The nurses use masks, the chair is cleaned thoroughly, as are the floors, handles etc etc. The tools they use are opened fresh from a packet - this is normal even without COVID.

    The dentists do not want to catch COVID as much as you and they take serious precautions to protect themselves and you. It's best for your own dental health that you grit your teeth (no pun intended lol) and get it over and done with. Once you're in the chair you'll feel more relaxed. I'm like you and hate dentists. Got to have 2 more out once this one has healed up. They're wisdoms. Not really scared anymore after the last extraction.
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    Re: Dentist

    I understand that it's easy to say don't be afraid of dentists, but why are you afraid of specialists whose main goal is to help you? You should be more worried about your health, and not about the fact that the dentist will do something bad. My children are just as afraid of the dentist as you are. The dentist really has a lot of dangerous and scary tools, but in addition to terrible tools, the dentist also has special medications so that you can calm down and quickly go through any procedure painlessly. So I advise you to overcome your fear, otherwise your problem will only get worse. I, just like you, plan to visit a dentist in the near future to make an Invisalign preferred provider, so don't worry!
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    Re: Dentist

    My wife and I had several appointments earlier this year and from my experience, we felt very comfortable and safe. They took every precaution. Most medical and dental facilities are doing the same to protect their patients and themselves.

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