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Thread: Extreme Fatigue and Weakness after Masturbation.

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    Extreme Fatigue and Weakness after Masturbation.

    This is something that has been a problem for me since my fatigue issues started 2 years ago and it is a big problem for me. Basically all day long I feel fatigued, sore all over, zero energy like I've run a marathon...Sometimes guys have needs..I only do it once every 3 or 4 days average. I do it in about the most low energy way possible, when I do it I feel ok, right after I feel fine, but 3 out of 4 times, about 5 minutes after, its like my body just crashes. I get lightheaded, super weak, feel like I could pass out or collapse any second, shaky sometimes. It is awful, I feel so bad when it happens. I feel bad generally but this is even worse than normal. I feel like its some type of chemical reaction. I know its normal for guys to feel a little tired after, but this far beyond the extremes of that normal. I physically can barely function because I either feel so bad or feel like im gonna pass out. I really feel like whatever is going on with me is chemical, something in the endocrine, or adrenal, or something like that systems. Any kind of adrenaline burst good or bad can make me feel sick, but not quite as much as this.

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    Feeling So Sick Constantly

    This has been going on for 2 and a half years now, where I just have constant extreme fatigue. Im always sore, weak or lightheaded, or just completely out of energy. It feels like I've constantly finished running a marathon 24/7. I also get really bad low blood sugar feelings after about 3 hours of not eating, even though my blood sugar is 100% normal, it seems to be a stomach fill thing rather than actually blood sugar as my blood sugar has been tested many times and is always normal. I know its controversial as a diagnosis but everything I get is consistent to what people describe as "adrenal fatigue". Adrenal bursts of any kind for any reason also seem to mess with me badly. I also get one other bigtime symptom that I posted in the Mens Health Section because I dont believe its appropriate for this one. I get really bad chest/stomach sickness and pressures, and can feel my heart beating extremely from a hiatal hernia that I have.

    I've been able to analyze these things a lot in the last couple years, its consistent, even though its a multitude of symptoms, it just doesnt feel connected to anxiety for me. I am very aware of what anxiety can do. I've talked to hundreds of people about it by now, but this is just all day, every day, even when im 100% calm, and I know I have calm periods mentally which get broken by sick feelings. Im sure anxiety makes some aspects of it worse but as the overall cause behind my primary issues, I just dont think it is. Im really not sure what I can do. My regular doctor doesnt seem to care so im switching. I've been to a GI doctor which found my hiatal hernia and Barrett's Esophagus. Cardiologist thinks my heart is good. Im not sure where to go, all these doctor visits get expensive.

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue and Weakness after Masturbation.


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