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Thread: Why canít I trust test results ?

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    Why canít I trust test results ?

    My daughter has been having some symptoms that have me worried about leukemia and the dr agreed to do a complete blood work up. CBC with diff, thyroid, inflammatory panels, the whole works. Her message said ďblood tests are very reassuring. All labs are normal. Sheís not anemic, thyroid is normal, inflammatory markers are normal. Please let us know if you have any questions.Ē

    Why canít I just accept that? No I have to scrutinize every result. Looking for something that is slightly close to out of range. Maybe itís too soon for leukemia to show in blood work my mind tries to tell me. Itís so exhausting living like this.

    My CBT sessions got postponed for some time due to covid and Iím just getting back on track. But this along with virtual schooling my children is so mental draining. :(

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    Re: Why canít I trust test results ?

    Reading your post is actually encouraging because you recognize your thoughts as irrational. Its more of 'vent' of frustration than an out and out 'panic'. No doubt its mentally draining when the negativity and doubt creeps in but deep down, based on your post, I think you know better. Perhaps there are some CBT exercises or worksheets you can work on to reinforce a more positive and rational mindset?

    Positive thoughts
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