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Thread: Noticed something odd about the numbers

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    Re: Noticed something odd about the numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by dorabella View Post
    I think that SAGE and the three horsemen of the apocalypse (Whitty, Handcock and Valance) are just using whatever data is available to justify their ridiculous agenda ... poor old Boris is forced to spout this nonsense and you can clearly see he's not convinced, together with a lot of the population how are questioning this whole sorry saga. If the government did a u-turn now and admitted that the have got it all wrong and let's try another approach they would get a hell of a lot of stick for whatever ensues.

    So many stats flying about and it is impossible to make sense of any any of them ... the govt could tell us that on the basis of their statistics green is now orange with red spots and we would have no way of proving it isn't.

    I agree in part with Gary, in that it appears the R-number is being driven by mostly younger, lower-risk generations, hence the NHS is not being overwhelmed. Herd immunity (oooh that dirty word) could be eased in if the government would just engage in some joined-up thinking, stop the panic and doom mongering, and make an effort to protect the more vulnerable in the population and treat the rest of us like adults who can exercise some common sense and evaluate the risk for ourselves. We might then see a better way out of this mess they have created. Can't keep locking everyone up until they find a vaccine .... which by the time they do will most likely not be of any use to the majority of the population who will have already reached a level of HI.
    I think I agree with many of your views there Dorabella.

    It does seem that the govt are now mostly the ones getting hysterical about this so-called 'second' bout and much of the general public now blasť about the whole situation, seemingly the opposite to earlier in the year when it was much of the general public who were quaking in their boots at the Covid situation and the govt initially seeming uninterested with their heads in the sand.

    Surely the govt, as much of a joke as I and many others think they are, will still get it in the neck whatever they say or do (or not). Keir and Co would no doubt be copping it just the same as Boris and Co right now had they been in power, and very likely the same for the Lib Dems, Green Party, UKIP, BNP, you name them!

    I mentioned in the other thread earlier today about yesterday's BBC News reports of the UK's overall R-rate declining slightly over the previous week, and while some will no doubt pipe up with something like 'well it just ain't good enough', or 'it's too little too late', well that may well be so but even just a small downward trend for me is still far better than no downward trend, or in the worst-case scenario, the trend going from bad to even worse, which it seems like has been happening relentlessly over the past few weeks.

    Though strangely, I'm no longer feel anywhere near as freaked out over it now like I did earlier in the year, in spite of the Covid situation getting worse again since the end of August.
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